Ulinox was founded in March 2011 in Tolosa - Gipuzkoa (Spain). Relying on several years of industry experience and the trust provided by customers, this allowed our team members to start a new joint project, allowing us to continue the services provided for years throughout the Spanish geography and also in Europe (France, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Austria...), as well as in Latin America and North Africa.

In 2021 a new project was born with the merger of Bitalde and the Meivcore Group, in order to offer a more comprehensive service to our customers. Thus, Ulinox makes the complete supply of new equipment, as well as preventive and corrective maintenance services, both at the customer’s premises and at our facilities.

In august 2022, Ulinox acquired the company Rolls, Cilindros Y Rodillos Industriales, S.L. Thus, our company expands its service offer to the market, being prepared to act more efficiently in the paper industry. With this acquisition, our company became Ulinox Rolls.

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Mikel Goenaga
Mikel Goenaga - General Director
Miguel Mocoroa
Miguel Mocoroa - Financial Director
Marco Amorim
Marco Amorim - Operations Director
Joseba Ruiz
Joseba Ruiz - Budget Department
Graciela Garcia
Graciela Garcia - Business Manager
Unai Huerta
Unai Huerta - Project Manager
Ibon Huerta
Ibon Huerta - Project Manager
Alejandro Bercedo
Alejandro Bercedo - Technical Department Director
Angelo Lima
Angelo Lima - Project & Jobs Manager
João Soares
João Soares - Team Chief
Pedro Delgado
Pedro Delgado - Site manager
Itziar Gorostidi
Itziar Gorostidi - Administration Manager
Irati Martikorena
Irati Martikorena - Engineering Department
Raul Sanchez
Raul Sanchez - Technical Department

Our principles

  • Be the best;
  • Love everything that you do;
  • Take care of your health;
  • Don’t be a conformist;
  • Be a team player;
  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes;
  • Don’t tolerate people that are uncommitted;
  • It’s not only the product that counts, but also the presentation;
  • Redefine the game against your competition;
  • Answer this question
    “Are you proud of your work?”